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decision to delay th▓e inclusion as it hopes for "further improv▓ements in the accessibility of the China A-shares ▓market" in June.Th

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e new stock connect pr▓ogram will help the global expansion of the yuan, the Chinese currency, also known as the renminbi (RMB)."The new program will facilitate cross-b▓order renminbi flow and step up▓ the currency in its efforts to go global," Hang Seng Bank's vice chair?/p>

坢an and chief executive Rose Lee▓ Wai-mun said.Hong Kong serves as an international financial center and major offshore yuan hub, and the internationalization of the yuan as a global inves

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tment currency will reinforce the position.China has vigorously promoted global use of t▓he RMB as the worl

  • g Hong Kong-listed shares.HSBC
  • analyst Sun Yu said the r
  • emoval of a▓n aggregate quo
  • ta will allow more ▓overseas capi

d's largest trading nation looks to lower transaction costs in internati▓onal trade, which currently is mostly se

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  • MSCI to include▓ A shar
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ttled in U▓.S. dollar.Last year, the IMF decided to add th▓e RMB to its Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency basket

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, making it one of the five reserve currencies fully endorsed by the 188-member organization.The People's Bank of China's late

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st re▓port showed that by the end of 2015, the RMB had become the third most-used currency in cross-b▓order trade and financing. It

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